Head Delegates and Faculty Advisor

Head Delegates and Faculty Advisors are the main organizers of the delegations preparations. Besides organizing all organizational aspects of a conference participation, the conduction of the delegation meetings as well as the preparation and follow-up are their main duties.

Head Delegate  Miriam Holtkamp

Head Delegate

Miriam Holtkamp

After my first SiegMUN in 2015 I decided that I want to do this more often. During my first conference I met so many interesting people and I learned so much that I wanted to improve myself more. There were many people who were so passionate about global politics and this project that they convinced me to apply for New York the first time. I went to New York for the NMUN conference already twice as a delegate and I am honored that this year, I am the Head Delegate together with my amazing partner Evelyne. As a head delegate we have even more to do than the last years as delegates, but I wanted to help the delegates to learn, to improve their skills and to have a great time during the conference and before. I always had a lot of fun even though it is always tough with the work, but the fun part and the great things about MUN and meeting people from all over the world is something that I want to pass on. The experience is unique. For me, every year was a great opportunity to get better not only with my skills but to improve my personality, to get new friends and to meet amazing people from all over the world.


Head Delegate  Evelyne Kadesa

Head Delegate

Evelyne Kadesa

I am Evelyne Kadesa, Master student in Management und Märkte at the University of Siegen. My participation in MUN has enabled me to be more informed about current global issues that different countries are facing. Getting the opportunity to discuss and recommend possible solutions to these problems makes me feel honored knowing that I am among many individuals who try their best to make this world a better place. My first SiegMUN was in 2016 and proceeded to a bigger conference in New York in 2017, I have to say that I had wonderful experiences in both conferences. Not only did I make many friends but also learned a lot about UN and their work in different parts of the world, and since then I am motivated to be part of their journey in uniting and supporting nations. I am excited to attend another conference in New York as a Head Delegate, and I am happy to be working with a dedicated co-head delegate and competent delegation and we look forward to bigger achievements in NMUN2018.

There are big problems that change the world. If we are working together, that will make us understand each other, appreciate each other, help each other”.

Faculty Advisor  Anke Freuwört

Faculty Advisor

Anke Freuwört

Piriyanga Karunananthan

Piriyanga Karunananthan

My name is Anke Freuwört and after serving as a Secretary General for SiegMUN, I focus on organizing the NMUN conferences for the University of Siegen. Starting as a delegate a long time ago, I did a round of chairing in five different countries and ended up as an organizer of conferences in general after I participated in more than 20 conferences. New York will be my fourth time and a second time as an Faculty Advisor. Accompanying the groups in different roles show actually the individual development process of the delegates by those political role-play simulations. I am helping the delegates in their self preparation and support the Head Delegates in structuring and conducting their delegation meetings.



Hello! My name is Piriyanga Karunananthan and I will be joining this year’s NMUN delegation as a PR Director. This will be my second time at NMUN; last year I was given the opportunity to represent Canada in the General Assembly Second Committee. As I am soon going to wrap up my Bachelor’s in Media and Economic Science, serving as a PR Director has allowed me to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. SiegMUN 2016 was my first ever MUN experience and six conferences later I am still fascinated by this incredible program that successfully manages to bring together ambitious young people from all different backgrounds. I am more than grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to an instructive time at NMUN 2018.

PC: Anke Freuwört and Piriyanga Karunananthan