Opening Ceremony


Siegen-Geisweid/ 15th,November - Today the delegates of the 9th SiegMUN were warmly welcomed in the city hall of Siegen-Geisweid by deputy mayor Verena Böcking, SiegMUN organizer Gerrit Pursch and secretary generals Laura Duranda and Cory Greg. This year’s keynote speaker Dr. Byron-Cox delivered an evocative speech stating the importance of asking the right question – “What will you do with the UN?”

This year’s SiegMUN will take place from Thursday, November 15th, until Saturday, Novembre 17th. The committee sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) are held in the Geisweid City Hall and the Artur-Woll-Haus in Siegen.

The deputy mayor Verena Böcking herself was participating in the first SiegMUN in 2010 and is now honoured to officially open the 9th edition of the SiegMUN in this year and happy to see that the MUN is still popular. Second speaking Gerrit Pursch, organizer of the SiegMUN, emphasises the importance of intercultural approaches and points out, that the conference is a great opportunity to “get a sense of what the UN really is” but also to “learn important skills for life”. Secretary general Cory Gregg reminiscences of his humble beginnings and how the MUN has improved his talking and writing, just as his social skills. Taking up his idea secretary general Laura Duranda encourages everybody “to speak into microphones and to learn to enjoy it”. She also points out the importance of listening to each other to get a good grasp of the complexity of things and to learn how to get to collective solutions. Ultimately all speakers agree on one the most important point: SiegMUN is to make new friends, to have fun and to enjoy it.

For the next days delegates will see themselves in new and challenging situations, deal with most urgent topics of our modern days and will have to find answers to questions, especially to question what they will do with the United Nations.

SiegMUN 2018 is now officially in session!