A Word From Your Secretary-Generals


Honourable Delegates,


It is our pleasure to invite you to SiegMUN 2018! This year’s conference will give you the opportunity to choose one of the four interesting committees which we will be simulating in two different languages: the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), UN Development Programme (UNDP), Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in English, and the European Council (Europäischer Rat/ER) in German.

We believe, given the current diplomatic prospects on the global stage, that Model United Nations conferences, and SiegMUN as a beginners’ conference in particular, can provide us with valuable lessons by allowing us to take on a different perspective about crucial topics that concern us all.

In 2018, we witnessed influential Member States pulling out of crucial institutions such as the Paris Agreement and the Human Rights Council, as well as closing their borders and attacking academic freedom. Therefore, topics such as Climate Change, Migration, and the Roles and Rights of Vulnerable Populations, which we will discuss during SiegMUN 2018, are critical for our global sustainable future.

In current political climates, the trend has been to cling towards capitalistic ideals, and a great representation of this is the recent global rise in populism. We hope that during SiegMUN 2018, we will collectively promote the United Nations’ spirit and values, as they are established in the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Justice, Respect and Dignity for all, Equality, Cooperation, and Solidarity.

SiegMUN is a great and humbling way to understand the complexity of global problems. Both of us have significantly benefited from the skills and experiences gained from Model United Nations, and have been able to personally grow by applying the lessons learned towards real world applications.

Dear Delegates, we encourage you all to take this opportunity to change perspectives, to broaden your horizon, and to foster dialogue. We encourage you to listen to and cooperate with one another.

We invite you all to join us for SiegMUN 2018 from November 14th to 17th!


Yours truly,

Laura Carlotta Durando and Cory Gregg